Business requires investment at all levels for its growth and development. If you require instant finance to start up or complete a project, commercial bridging loans are an wonderful solution for you. Commercial bridging loans are specially designed for entrepreneurs to cater to the financial requirements that may arise while buying a commercial property. Commercial bridging loans are secured loans. This implies that they require the entrepreneur to place collateral against the loan. The new property that's to be purchased may be used to secure against the loan. Besides this, the borrower can also place the machinery or any other residential or commercial property as security. As commercial bridging loans are short term loans, therefore the lender mostly charge a higher rate of interest. Many lenders often increase the interest rate by half a point or more. Other factors such as the credit history, the liquidity and value of the collateral placed are also helpful in determining the interest rate. The borrower has to pay the interest rate till the time he does not sell the old property. Once the property is sold he can return the principal amount to the lender. If the borrower fails to make repayments on the loan, the lender has the right to commence proceedings and seize the property. Commercial bridging loans may be used for variety of purposes. The entrepreneur can use the loan to purchase property at auctions, renovating premises and to safeguard a property purchase if the mortgage is delayed. The borrower of commercial bridging loans can extract money ranging from ?25,000 to ?500,000. The amount however differs from lender to lender. They can also provide a higher amount after evaluating the equity stored in the property. Commercial Bridging Loan is now available to all. People whoever have faced the problem of arrears, defaults, County Court Judgments or bankruptcy can avail the same benefits of the loan as people with good credit standing. Reputable banks and financial institutions are engaged in the business of commercial bridging loans. Nowadays online lenders are attracting the borrowers. They provide a speedy loan approval. The borrower can also collect quotes from different lenders online and compare them on the basis of loan amount, loan term, interest rate, monthly installments etc. Most of the loan providing organizations have their own websites. The borrower needs to fill in an online loan application form which takes hardly a few minutes. A qualified loan officer will review your information and will serve you the best loan deal to help you grow your business better. Make your business flourish. Commercial bridging loans provide you the urgent cash required to fill in the financial gap.