If life went smoothly and all things actually according to plan then it would all be so wonderful. But life is full of surprises and things rarely go as initially planned. A requirement can crop up anytime it could be one related to finances or one which asks us questions relating to other factors of life. A proper way to deal with unexpected financial difficulties is by bridging loans. Bridging loans are important for people with bad credit history. It allows them to meet short term financial requirement and move forward with their lives as well. Instances where the borrowers may have to use the bad credit bridging loans. ?When a buyer wants to buy a property and the funds will be available only when you sell your property. ?Bad credit bridging loans will help an entrepreneur who sells his goods on credit and can utilize the loan as working capital. ?To help individuals buy from an auction i. E. In a hurry. These are the times when we require a loan to make sure that we achieve what we want to achieve. Bad credit bridging loans are essentially secured loans and for any borrower to take these loans collaterals have to be rendered to the creditors. In that regard the borrowers may find dealing with 2 different circumstances. 1. Closed ended bridge – in this option the source of income is known and in place, but the timing is such that the funds will not be able to meet the requirements.

2. Open ended bridge – in this the intended source of repayment is known but the funds are not guaranteed. Other features of bad credit bridging loans that make it different from the other loans are:?Depending on the requirement of the borrowers the loan is approved quickly, sometimes in a day or two. ?The interest rates on bad credit bridging loans are generally on the higher side. This is because of borrower's bad credit history and due to short term the creditors try to maximize their earnings. ?The loan amount that gets sanctioned ranges from ?50000 to ?500000. Sometimes to the 125% of the collateral offered. These features make bad credit bridging loans an attractive option for the borrowers who are looking for a stop gap agreement to meet their financial needs. It is always nice to know that we have some thing as back up to meet our needs whenever they arise. Bad credit bridging loans certainly is one option which provides options which help in more than one way.

We have over 15 years of experience in the Mortgage. Our Bridging Mortgage services have all types of short term funding solutions which can be used for a variety of situations from buying a house at auction to a borrower needing funds urgently because their original lender has let them down at the last minute. For further information please visit www. Brilliantsolutions. Co. Uk or call us on 0845 459 2105